Our values:

Our three core values are “LOVE”, “UNIQUENESS” AND “COMPASSION”. 
  • LOVE: I have a strong belief in universal energy and what goes around comes around. I love stones, love their genuine beauty and also the strong energy from natural stones. I adore every single piece of jewelry that was made in Elisa. I find beauty in the raw stones I had chosen. It can be the color or the natural terminated shape, or the clarity of the texture, or even the uniqueness of the stone. It is fascinating thinking of what design to apply to each stone and I’m delighted seeing them set in a final jewelry. All the process, from choosing stones, designing, having them finished, taking photos and writing the description are always full of positive energy and love. These jewelry are always made with LOVE. And I wish you are or will be loved more than that. 
  • UNIQUENESS: No stone is the same, even the design can be similar. Each crystal has a different shape, different tone of color, even the same type of gemstone, distinguishing flaw such as crack, hole, inclusions, impurities. That’s what makes it special, one of the kind. And that’s one of the interesting features about raw stone jewelry, you can tell if that’s your crystal in a blink. Moreover, the design can be common but the details and the way we made it are different because it’s 100% handmade. Both make our jewelry UNIQUE just like you, a genuine you. Just being yourself with beauties and flaws because nobody is perfect. 
  • COMPASSION: After all, I hope you feel loved and unique, just being yourself, embracing all the strengths and weaknesses, perfections and imperfections. Then you can enjoy this beautiful life more and have a more gentle heart to others because no one is perfect, they can have flaws but also beauties, they can make mistakes, they can fail. And that’s also what makes them unique and special to you. That is COMPASSION.

Our vision:

  • To provide higher quality gemstone silver jewelry and luxury gemstone gold jewelry in the near future. 
  • To become the number 1 place to find a unique piece of jewelry with its own story and how it was made. 

Our mission: 

  • The top and foremost mission of Elisa is to introduce the beauty of nice quality handmade raw gemstone jewelry to people around the world, for those who fancy gemstone. 
  • Bringing customers a nice experience while shopping in Elisa with an honest business and instant support. 
  • Quality and origin of gemstone in Elisa is guaranteed and Elisa is a trustworthy place to come while you are looking for an authentic gemstone jewelry.