As we do business all over the world, there are some potential risks of shipping and delivery


As we provide all details about the items including video, photos and exact measurements, so customers can know exactly what they will receive. Moreover, due to the hazel of shipping, the item was sent out of Vietnam can not be returned. We do not accept return under any circumstance


Refund will only be done under one circumstance:

  • Item delivered broken but customers has to provide the video they open the package. Because, we every package is always packed carefully and they are jewelry which is made to wear daily. It is impossible to break while being packed inside the package. Buyer has to inform and provide the video within 3 days of delivery. We may do replacement or refund based on negotiation between buyer and seller. However, if the item went broken because of wrong handling while opening the package. WE DO NOT REFUND or REPLACE.
  • Item “went missing because of the shipping agency fault” or “delivered to wrong address and the package went missing due to the fault of buyer or shipping company”. However, In case the item arrived at the post office and needs to be collected by buyer and seller already did all their best in their effort to notify the buyer about that, but the buyer did not collect the item then buyer do not have any responsibility to refund in case the item went missing or damage. 
  • When buyer does not pay TAX in their country to receive the item, there will be no refund or replacement or return, because the item will never be able to sent back to seller. 
  • Note: Only regular priced items may be refunded. Sale items cannot be refunded.


Replacement would be done under 2 circumstances:

  • Seller sent the wrong item
  • Item went missing due to wrong delivery because of seller fault which can be: typing wrong address or do not notify the buyer to collect the item when it is being held in the local post office 

Refund method

Paypal would be used for refund. The amount of refund will base on the money seller received after Paypal took out the fees and applied exchange rate. For example: seller received 1.000.000VND in the bank account then a full refund would be that amount exchange back to USD.