1. How Long Will it Take To Get my package?

Every item is ready for shipping. Within 2 working days, the item will be handed to the intermediate shipping agency. For certification of item, we have to send the item to the laboratory and it usually takes 4 working days more. Then the item will be dispatched. In some cases, the custom in buyer’s county might hold the package for checking. It can be a month and we do not guarantee the time of arrival   
Area Post service Tracking active within Estimated time of arrival
USA USPS 7-10 days 10- 18 days
Europe Singapore post 5-8 days 18- 25 days
South East Asian Singapore post 5-8 days 7-14 days
Other countries Singapore post 5-8 days 20-28 days

2. What material are the jewelries made of?

Metal: Sterling silver or real gold. It will be stated clearly in the description. Gemstones: 100% natural gemstones. If you require a certificate, the extra fee is 30$ and it takes 8 days. The certificate will be issued by a trustworthy laboratory in Vietnam: PNJ or Liulab.

3. Can I return my jewelry? 

Of course! If you do not like the item which means you do not love it. Please return to us and we will find it a new home. The cost of shipping for return or any other cost in the return progress is bare to the buyer.  We only refund the value of the item, we do not refund shipping cost from Vietnam to your country.  How to return the item?  The process is: buyer email us the situation and reason for return. We would confirm whether we accept return or not by email. If yes, Buyer will email us the tracking code and wait until we receive it. We will have a video opening the package. If the item is missing or damaged or replaced any part or fixed,  we will not refund. 

4. How much does shipping cost? 

It depends on where you are located.  We offer free shipping for orders above $50 from US customers and orders above $80 for customers from other countries.  Below that value of orders, we charge the shipping cost based on this table  
Area Shipping fee Shipping service
EUROPE 10 USD Singapore post and then domestic post
CANADA 12 USD Singapore post and then domestic post
AUSTRALIA 12 USD Singapore post and then domestic post
SINGAPORE 14 USD Frist flight 
JAPAN, KOREA 10 USD Singapore post and then domestic post
SOUTH EAST ASIA 7 USD Singapore post and then domestic post
OTHER PARTS OF ASIA 12 USD Singapore post and then domestic post

5. Do you ship internationally? 

Absolutely. It may take a while to arrive though. We do not guarantee the time of arrival.

6. How can I track my Package?

Once your order ships, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking code.

7. What if I put in my wrong address?

If you have provided an incorrect address and your order has not been shipped yet , we will do our best to update your order with the correct address. However, if your order has already shipped out of Vietnam, we can’t do anything about it. 

8. What if my package is lost?

We  are not responsible for items that are lost by the mail carrier or by any shipping service.

9. What if my package was returned to the sender? 

If your package is returned to us for any reason, you will be responsible for the package to be sent again. We will email you an invoice for the price of the return shipping label. Please check all addresses before submitting your order.

10. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal Please let us know if you have any questions.