Our people:

The owner: Elisa

Hi there, thank you so much for visiting my website.  My nickname is Elisa and I’m from Vietnam. I’ve been dealing in the jewelry and gemstones business since 2017 and all was self-taught. Graduating from a prestigious university, with a burning desire to land a good job in a corporation but the fate of being a jeweler just called for me. The thing was after years of studying so hard, I had severe sickness, which made me give up on my former plan – becoming an employee working in an international corporation. I came back to my hometown, spending days boring in bed, shopping online for jewelry and got scammed with low quality or even fake gemstones. After losing so much money on self-learning, reading and talking to people trading gemstones, I acquired a considerable amount of knowledge of quite many kinds of stones. I had a chance to come into contact with jewelry making and some certain types of gemstones more often, then fell deeply in love with natural and raw crystal shaped gems. Here, the new journey just got started. Right now, I have multiple functions in the shop: purchasing, designing, quality controlling. If you want to know more about the story of the name Elisa, core value of ElisaJewelryandGems and How the jewelry is made, there are posts about those.

The goldsmith: Mr. Sang

I can’t wait to honor the hard work Mr. Sang has shown and how much he has contributed to the shop. An intelligent, meticulous, careful with years of experience in making jewelry, he is a true gem in the success of Elisa. 95% of the jewelry were 100% handmade by this man. I’ve tried many goldsmiths and none of them can be compared with Mr. Sang. I bet you can tell the difference between my items and other mass handmade items on the market, even if it’s just a simple crystal pendant with a sterling silver cap. 

And many others:

Here I also want to honor many other people who I have been cooperating with such as my own staff,  the stone cutter, friends in the business, gemstone suppliers and also the stone miners who I never met but still always feel grateful for the hard work they did in mining beautiful gemstones from under the ground regardless of the danger and tiredness.  It’s a long process from a small gem to become a beautiful piece of jewelry. Here is my story and It’s my pleasure to share with you the stories of the jewelry in Elisa, of course, not all of them but most of them. From there, you can continue the story of that beauty with your presence.   

Meaning of the name Elisa:

The childhood of the founder was strongly inspired by a movie named “Eliza” from Italy. It is about a beautiful, smart, sincere and brave daughter of a maid in an earldom castle. She was a girl from a low class but she was luckily educated by the countess. She could read books, write poems, play piano and had great knowledge but she was humble and never forgot who she was. She lived a magnificent life with her genuine and authentic self. Thanks to one time she helped to save the king from an assassination, she was appointed to be a countess and got married to a baron – the love of her life. That story embedded deeply in my heart and inspired me every single day, motivates me to thrive my best, work hard, be kind and stay honest. I bring along those qualities to my own business and change the “z” in Eliza to the “s” in Elisa because my country – Vietnam – has a shape of the letter “S”. I love my country and that’s where I am from.