• About the raw stone: the stones are mined from the mines and get sold to some dealers. We get our stones from some trustworthy dealers in Vietnam or in a biggest dealer Pakistan. No treatment could be done with a short trading line and that is also assured by the dealers. Moreover, we have dealt with those types of stone long enough to know which one is treated and which one is not. Papers of certificates are in fact only for the last buyers who do not know much about gemstones. 
  • About the facet stone: we purchase raw stones and get them cut by stone cutters in a batch of 10-20 different pieces, no mass cutting here and all stones are different in shape and color. It takes about 2 weeks to get it done.
  • After having the stone, we start to design. Raw gemstones are a bit more tricky in designing but it’s fun doing that. Fine cut stones are a bit easier, simple and elegant designs are always our favorite.
  • Then we hand the stones over to the skilful goldsmith to put them on silver or gold. This process takes at least two weeks. 
  • The whole process can take one month or even more. 

The co-brand Tittany

  • The brand Elisa was actually taken by someone on Amazon so we can not register that brand. Therefore a sub brand was born – Tittany which is aim to specialize in pearl and enamel jewelry.